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It isn’t just a job, its a way of life

Ben and Haley carefully choose their staff to work at Adrenalin Offroad Centre and the biggest pre-requisite is they have to be a 4WD enthusiast. 

Every conversation you have about a part, accessory, upgrade or tag along tour will be with someone that enjoys getting into the great outdoors with their 4×4.

The team either own or have owned 4WD’s and have gone on all kinds of adventures or used many of the products available for sale in their retail store.

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Some say Ben and Hayley enjoy sleeping under the stars more than their own bed at home

Adrenalin was founded by Ben and Hayley who are passionate 4×4 off road enthusiasts who spend more time in places like The Victorian High Country, Cape York, the Simpson Dessert and Australia’s other top 4WD’ing locations than their own beds at home. 

Some of their most memorable adventures include exploring some of the more remote ares of Central Australia and travelling Tasmania on motorbikes. They have also owned lots of different vehicles over the years such as a number of Jeeps, Landcruisers, dirt bikes and side by side ATV vehicles.

Our Hang Out

Imagine buying 4WD products from a store operated by 4X4 owners who do regular off roading adventures.

They share a vision which has been to create an independent 4WD shop that was more than a few boxes on shelves. Their goal is to operate the best 4WD specialist centre in Sydney that will sell and install a wide range of products from market leading brands to suit any type of 4WD vehicle for sale in Australia – either old or new. Instead of joining a franchise banner brand they wanted to be a completely independent 4×4 specialist so they could be free to choose how they operated, the brands they supported & most importantly, how they served people like you.

Their desire is to be a 4WD specialist that can provide unbiased service and advice with a focus on the core needs of enthusiasts like you. They have been there, done that and owned many four wheel drive vehicles over the years too. The products they choose to have for sale in their offroad store in Narellan includes items they have fitted to their vehicles over the years. 

Our Fitting & Install Services

Visit a 4WD store that is like going to your mates house to check out their latest gear and have a laugh

BUT…they haven’t stopped there, it isn’t just about selling great products, the missing piece of the puzzle for lots of 4WD owners is how do they get things installed, fitted or customised on their vehicle so they can safely drive short or long distances for a weekend or a long trip with water, power, shelter or even cooking facilities.

 Behind the retail shop is a huge 4WD workshop in Narellen that is capable of doing installations, conversions, custom canopy fit outs, suspension upgrades, dual battery set ups, differential upgrades and more.

 For 4WD enthusiasts like you it means you can share a few travelling yarns, get the right products for your four wheel driving applications & then get them professionally installed..

Our Four Wheel Driving Tour Experiences

We'll take your money but then make it super easy to use your 4WD every weekend of the year.

Ben & Hayley haven’t been content with operating just a shop that sells and installs accessories for 4×4 enthusiasts in Sydney. They wanted to make it easy for people to experience the same outback four wheel driving adventures they have enjoyed over the years.

So they are one of the very few 4WD specialist stores in Sydney that run their four wheel drive tag along tours for beginner, intermediate or experienced 4WD vehicle owners. They get a kick out of helping other people take their vehicle offroad into the forest, onto the beach sand dunes or even into the dessert. They have a year round itinerary of weekend or multi-day tours that venture out to the most popular locations in Australia.


Adrenalin Off Road Centre truly is a 4×4 specialist that can sell, install and modify your vehicle & then make it so easy to go on a tag along tour – a one stop shop for any 4WD owner.

Ready to Become Part of Our Community?

Becoming part of the Adrenalin community means you can buy upgrades, spare parts or new accessories for your 4WD to go off roading, get them installed, fitted or modified to suit your uses & then join a group on a tag along tour to get the most out of your vehicle. The passionate Adrenaline team will look after everything for you. Ben and Hayley hand pick the staff making sure they are passionate 4×4 enthusiasts as well so that each member can provide specialist advice, capable of  answering any questions or enquiries you may have.

Ben and Hayley are deeply involved in the 4WD industry, they are even engaged by leading brands like Hema Maps, to help collect mapping data across the country and co-ordinate tours, create content for enthusiasts and consult. Come chat to us about becoming part of the Adrenalin family.