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Our 4WD store carries a wide range of communication equipment products that are suitable for any model of 4X4 vehicle. We can supply & install products from leading brands like Uniden, GME, Cel-Fi and RFI. 

Installing communication equipment on your 4WD can ensure you and your family remain safe while you are travelling in remote parts of Australia. Our team can install everything so that it is working correctly and we can even show you how to use it all at our workshop or on one of our tag along tours.

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Our 4WD shop can sell and install the range of Uniden products for vehicle, particularly their UFH CB Radios and Scanners. Uniden is a global brand that is part of the Uniden Corporation of Japan, operating globally in America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Since 1966 they have grown to become a global leader in wireless communications and are a popular choice for 4WD owners to use in Australia.

We can provide pricing to supply and install any Uniden product to your vehicle.


GME makes a specific range of products for 4WD owners who love touring Australia. For over 60 years GME has been proudly Australian owned and operated. We love installing and using their products. They conduct ongoing real-world testing of every product to make sure it works in all conditions. We sell GME 4WD UHF CB Radios, 4WD Handheld Radios, 4WD Antennas, 4WD Emergency Beacons, and 4WD Accessories designed to suit any vehicle.

Our 4WD store can provide pricing to supply and install any GME product to your vehicle.


RFI makes a wide range of communication equipment products including their high performance antennas and other gear. RFI is a family owned Australian business that was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of two way radio antenna systems. They manufacture mobile and base station antennas for the Australian two way radio market for applications to 4WD vehicles.

Our 4×4 shop can provide pricing to supply and install any RFI product to your vehicle.

Garmin offroad store in Sydney

We sell the range of Garmin products that are used for 4WD’ing applications including navigation, satellite communication and GPS products. Garmin are a leading brand of radios, GPS navigation, wearable technology, outdoor and fitness products that are leaders in their field.

Our 4WD store can provide pricing to supply (and if needed, install or set up) any Garmin product to your vehicle.


When you need connectivity in remote areas you can install a cellular coverage product to get mobile and data access nearly anywhere. One of the leading devices that we can sell and install is from Cel-Fi. They have made the world’s first all in one cellular coverage product for vehicles amongst other products.

Our 4WD centre can provide pricing to supply and install any Cel-Fi product to your vehicle.

Quad Lock mobile phone mount systems

When you drive on rough roads you have to have a strong mount for your phone. Quad Lock make a range of products that we sell which are perfect for 4WD owners. Their mobile phone off road kits can suit different makes and model of mobile phone. Their single stage secure mounting locks will keep your phone secure and vibration free as you drive so you can focus on the obstacles ahead. They are easy to install and include everything you need to set up on your chosen mount to the windscreen, dash or console of your 4×4.

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The staff at Adrenalin Off-Road will also provide advice on the right camping or recovery equipment that may be suitable for the types of locations you are thinking about driving to. We don’t just sell and install a bull bar with a wave good bye, our team will make sure you have everything you need to be safe, able to recover your vehicle and return home safely.

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