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Buy a modern canopy or tray for your 4WD vehicle.

Our 4WD store sells the range of Trojan canopy and tray products that are suitable for any model of 4X4 vehicle. We can supply & install products from their range that can be used for camping or daily use. 

Installing a new tray or a canopy can transform your 4WD ute into a very practical vehicle that can carry a 12V dual battery set up, fridge, cooking equipment, tools and more. A wide range of designs to suit different needs. 

Our team can install everything so that it is working correctly and we can even show you how to use it at our workshop or on one of our tag along tours.

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Trojan alloy canopy store in Sydney

Our 4WD shop can sell and install the range of Trojan products for your vehicle. They have a range of heavy duty aluminium canopies that can keep work tools or camping gear safe. They can be installed as a package with a tray so that the whole system works together. They are made using a one fold system for unmatched strength with high grade aluminium and a 10 year structural warranty.

As standard they use Marine-grade 5052 aluminium, pinch seam rubber seals, marine grade stainless steel piano hinges, powder coating inside as well as outside and a cast alloy whale tail compression locks for water or dust sealing. You can customise them with lockable jerry can holders, spare wheel holders and more.

Our 4WD workshop can then do a custom fit out to set up the canopy exactly the way you need it with 12V power, fridge or storage units as required so that is ready for camping or working.

PEAK canopy store in Sydney

We can sell, install and set up the awesome PEAK Fabrications dual cab canopy.  If you are serious about converting your 4WD so that it can be used for camping or even as a tradie vehicle then the Peak Fabrication Canopy was designed for you. It was created from the need from 4WD owners who wanted a practical solution for commercial and recreational access to a covered loadbin. It even has side doors that allow access to the entire loadbin area without having to unpack any of your contents.

It’s aluminium construction can have cupboards inside the side doors, stoves, fridge slides and drawer systems inside the canopy, as well as roof racks and tents on top so that it makes any 4WD into an awesome mobile camping vehicle.

Our 4WD workshop can do a custom fit out to set up the canopy exactly the way you need it with 12V power, fridge or storage units as required so that is ready for camping or working.

EGR canopy shop in Sydney

Our 4WD shop loves selling and installing the amazing range of EGR products onto vehicles of all makes and models. This is an Australian brand of 4WD accessories made out of various acrylic and plastic composites to be tough, durable & suitable to be used in Australia’s tough outback conditions. 

They are one of the world’s largest OEM suppliers and you can install their products on your 4WD including their canopies, roll tops, fender flares, covers, hard lids and more. 

Our 4WD workshop can supply, fit & set up any of their products as required so that they are ready to be used for everyday driving, working or camping.

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The staff at Adrenalin Off-Road will also provide advice on the right camping or recovery equipment that may be suitable for the types of locations you are thinking about driving to. We don’t just sell and install a bull bar with a wave good bye, our team will make sure you have everything you need to be safe, able to recover your vehicle and return home safely.

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