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The biggest improvements in 4WD usage that we have seen is the evolution of 12V battery systems, 12V products and the possible 12V installations available for four wheel driving activities. Battery products have developed over the years with lithium now the first option for people that are building a new 4WD with an electrical canopy fit out. 

We can install battery systems that are flexible, light and have huge performance outputs to power lighting as well as a TV, coffee machine, fridge, induction cookers and even recharge devices like phones or cameras. 

Auxiliary power is crucial if you’re heading off-road for a 4×4 camping trip, you will need a 12V camping battery setup. If you get a dual dual battery system installed it means you have two separate batteries working in conjunction with each other to ensure your vehicle has start-up power and that your camp location can also be powered with a 12V set up too.

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Solar power and 4WD dual battery systems

Recharging options have also become much more versatile where you can have a solar panel array set up that is mounted to the vehicle or carry portable panels. Dual batteries in a 4WD have become very common and this type of set up can be complimented with DC to DC charging while you are driving so that you are always able to charge them. 

When combined, these two technologies make it possible to have a 4WD vehicle that is set up to go off grid camping for days on end with a self sufficient electrical set up. We can set up and install a 4WD electrical panel to suit your vehicle so that everything is simple to operate & you can see the power you are using and drawing at any time.

Canopy 12V dual battery system setups

A dual battery system can be installed in many different ways depending on your requirements. Most of the manufacturers have batteries that are made in different shapes and sizes so they can fit behind seats, under floors or inside a canopy or camping tray without taking up too much space. Our workshop can supply and install a canopy mounted dual battery set up for a 4WD with everything controlled by either on board switches or app-based software via your mobile phone. 

The electronic gauges let you quickly see what power you have and what you are using while you are camping. Our experienced staff can set up a 4WD electrical panel that is located inside a canopy, behind seats or other locations as required. Our workshop in Narellan does lots of 4WD electrical fit outs in Sydney and our staff can install practically any type of 12V dual battery system configuration  that you require.

Replace AGM batteries with a dual battery lithium set up

If you have an existing AGM batttery set up in your 4WD, our workshop in Narellan can remove and replace these with the wiring and modern electrical hardware components that are suitable for a 12V lithium compatible set up.

 Lithium dual battery systems will give you the latest, most efficient 12V wiring electrical set up for a 4WD that is available . The costs of getting dual battery system installed will depend on the hardware you choose, the amount of customisation required and of course the brand or type of batteries you choose.

Our 4WD store in Narellan can supply and install the latest dual battery system products for 4WD’s from brands like Redarc, Enerdrive and others. We have installed hundreds of lithium battery systems for 4WD’s over the years that include solar panels, batteries, chargers, fuse boxes and all the wiring necessary to have USB or cigarette lighter sockets located around your vehicle as needed.

Do we sell the best 4wd battery?

Guess what, this statement doesn’t mean a lot really. There isn’t a single ‘best 4WD battery’ that you can buy. In fact what we sell is the best advice and installations for 12V battery systems.

How do we know this?

Everything depends on your vehicle, how you want to use your 12V dual battery system, the types of appliances or equipment you want to power, how long you intend being off-grid for, your budget & a number of other factors to consider. If you start reading reviews about the ‘best 4WD battery’ keep in mind that many of them are probably making affiliate commission from the links and may have never actually used the products.

Our team have worked on hundreds of 12V systems for 4WD’s and use them ourselves everyday, so we can guide you to choose the right set up for your needs.

Get a induction cooking set up using 12V for your 4WD

Did you know it is possible to use an induction cooking unit instead of gas to prepare your meals? Using the latest 12V dual battery set ups we can install the required electrical wiring and hardware that includes an inverter to power you induction cooktop.

They have become popular upgrades for those wanting to camp off-grid and not worry about a gas bottle. With improvements to both 12V ovens and 240V induction cookers it is possible to set your vehicle up to handle the power requirements so you can make great meals & still have power left over.

An induction cooker typically requires a minimum of a 2000 watt inverter and a battery with a high enough discharge rate to keep up with the current draw of the inverter. We can install this hardware plus make sure you have the right cable gauge so the high current power delivery is safe & well managed. 

Getting this installed correctly can mean the difference between the safe operation of all appliances and an electrical fire. We can also make sure you have sufficient solar power inputs to keep your batteries charged in between driving the vehicle and relying on DC to DC charging.

See some of our recent 4WD builds and custom fit outs.

Deal with enthusiasts

The staff at Adrenalin Off-Road will also provide advice on the right camping or recovery equipment that may be suitable for the types of locations you are thinking about driving to. We don’t just sell and install a bull bar with a wave good bye, our team will make sure you have everything you need to be safe, able to recover your vehicle and return home safely.

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