4WD inspections
You are ready but is your vehicle?

Go from having a 4WD ute to something more useful 

Any off-road trip can be cut short if your 4WD vehicle is not properly prepared for the journey, A quick glance might seem like it looks ok, but a trained expert might see things that you don’t notice. We often see vehicles that are about to go on a four wheel drive adventure but have loose connections, wiring that is about to fail or leaking water tanks. 

All of these things can be checked during one of our pre-trip vehicle inspections to make sure everything is ready to be used on your adventure.

Thorough 4WD inspections in Sydney


4WD vehicle inspections



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Modifications or upgrades


Repair or replace items

We sell products & accessories for all 4WD vehicle brands

Get your vehicle checked before your holiday

Vehicle inspections will typically cost around $140 inc gst if no other work or products are required. We take our time to check every aspect of your vehicle to make sure it will be safe to use offroad. Sometimes repairs or rectifications may be required so the cost may be higher, but our team will give you advice and an estimate before work commences. 

We always want to ensure our community of 4WD enthusiasts can enjoy their vehicles safely & experience great reliability.

4WD Canopy installer in Sydney

A ute canopy can create extra secured storage in the rear of your vehicle with many models including the added flexibility of being easily removed. Even if you are towing a caravan or a boat, installing a canopy easily adds more storage space to your 4WD leaving space in the back seat for passengers. It means you can put the kids bikes, extra camping gear, a spare mattress or other items and lock them up ready for a road trip.

Our team can help you figure out what will best suit your needs, provide pricing to supply & install all the items as well. Our preferred brands are EGR Canopies and we are also the exclusive reseller in NSW for Trojan Camping Canopies.

The Trojan canopy products all come with

  • Heavy-duty gas struts

  • Marine-grade 5052 aluminium

  • Reinforced base

  • Pinch seam rubber seals

  • Marine-grade stainless steel piano hinges

  • Lightweight design

  • Cast alloy whale tail compression locks create a watertight and dustproof seal

  • Rooftop compatible reinforced roof

  • Powder-coated inside and out

  • Lift-off jack legs

  • 10-year structural warranty

We do installations in our workshop

At our Narellan workshop, we have the capability to remove and replace your suspension so that everything is prepared for you to use immediately including wheel alignment, balancing, tyre rotation if required, so that your car is ready to go. It is also possible for our mechanics to check things such as shock absorbers, steering dampers, springs, or even upper control arms in order to make sure that the setup is right for your vehicle.

Deal with enthusiasts

The staff at Adrenalin Off-Road will also provide advice on the right camping or recovery equipment that may be suitable for the types of locations you are thinking about driving to. We don’t just sell and install a bull bar with a wave good bye, our team will make sure you have everything you need to be safe, able to recover your vehicle and return home safely.

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