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Cape York 4WD tag along tour summary


An awesome tag along tour to Cape York in August 2022

Well this year is certainly shaping up to be the one that everyone gets out to do a lot more travelling around Australia. Our 4WD tag along tours keep filling up as soon as we release them with so many people choosing to go on holidays in Australia instead of overseas.

For any 4WD enthusiast you really enjoys getting off road with their vehicle, Cape York is one of those ‘bucket list’ trips to do. We drive for nine days through lots of different terrain to get to one of the most northern parts of Australia. 

We make it so easy for people to join a tour with our traditional welcome & farewell dinners, camping, ferry & park fees with an itinerary that isn’t too rushed. We make it safe too with our experienced guides, first aid officer & emergency satellite communication at hand just in case.

This year’s tour saw us drive on tracks that were in the poorest condition we have seen in many years. With the ever changing weather conditions Australia has been facing, many of the trails have copped a battering, but fortunately all the 4WD’s on this tour were kitted out with all the right gear to cope with them.

Some of the conditions changed dramatically in between the first and second tour groups, so everyone got some great challenges navigating their way over bridges, water crossings and more.


Did we do some water crossings?

You bet we did some water crossings. Cape York had a very late wet season, so the water levels were quite high. It made some of the water crossings even more challenging than normal, but we took our time to make sure each vehicle could cross safely.

A couple of vehicles got a little bit of water inside, but nothing too bad. It is super important to have a good snorkel fitted to your 4WD as well as diff breathers, door seals in good condition and your vehicle checked for water tightness before heading up to Cape York.

We help each driver along the way and it is so important to hold you nerve and keep the 4WD in motion when doing these types of crossings. We also ensure each vehicle has recovery equipment just in case which is what makes doing one of our tag along tours fun and stress free.


Was there any mud or steep declines?

For our Cape York Tour some of the highlights include;

  • “The Tip” 
  • Lion’s Den Hotel 
  • Daintree Rainforest Drive
  • The iconic Tele Track Swimming at Fruit Bat Falls

any many other stops along the way. You also get the freedom to enjoy your own food as it is a self catering tour (except for the first and last night)

With some rugged terrain covered it is a 4WD tour that is suited to vehicles with;

  • Raised suspension
  • Recovery points front & rear
  • Raised air intake/snorkel

This is mainly because there are no bypasses for the tracks we drive on, so normally a 35mm lift or greater is all that is required. 

While it is an easy to moderate trip in terms of difficulty we always recommend that drivers have some previous 4WD experience before taking on a tour to this location up north.

Were the roads in good condition?

There are always the odd tricky moment or two when you are driving on bush trails. With so much rain there were some locations on the tracks where some of the ground had been washed away.

For each crossing we take special care with making sure it is safe. This includes heavier 4WD’s like this RAM 2500 that weighed around 5.2 tonnes. Actually for the record it is probably the heaviest vehicle we have seen on one of these tours but it handed it really well with its dual cab and custom canopy on the rear tray.

Riverbed campsites

We can’t give away all of our secrets of course but we stay at some great camping locations on the way. There is nothing quite like pulling up on a river bed and setting up camp for the night.

As you’ll see in the photo gallery below there are lots of smiling faces and some pretty diverse scenery too, so a camera is a must.

See some of the photos from this tour

Thinking about doing a
Cape York 4WD tag along tour?

Head over to our Tag Along Tour page and you will see lots of great options available for short tours in NSW or others that head to places like Cape York, The Simpson Desert and other great 4WD holiday locations. 

The best part about our tag along tours is everything is supported by our 4WD shop in Sydney that has a retail showroom and a workshop. It means everything can be set up for your vehicle before you go on a tour. We can check to ensure you vehicle is safe to travel with, make sure it has the right equipment suitable for the tour location and make any adjustments needed. 

Then when you are on the tour with us if you are not sure about anything we can help you. It is like having your own personal 4WD assistants on hand every step of the way. For experienced 4WD owners you just do your thing and have a ball with the rest of us.