4WD store that sells 12V electrical products.

Buy the best 12V electrical products for your vehicle.

Our 4WD store carries a wide range of 12V electrical products that are suitable for use with model of 4X4 vehicle. We can supply & install products from leading brands like Redarc or Projecta to give you enhanced electrical capabilities. 

Buying electrical equipment for your 4WD like solar panels, battery chargers or inverters can give you off-grid capabilities to use laptops, cameras and other powered devices from your vehicle.

Our team can sell and install everything so that it is working correctly and we can even show you how to use it in our workshop or on one of our tag along tours.

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Redarc store in Sydney

Our 4WD shop can sells the range of Redarc products in Sydney for any brand or model of vehicle. We are a 4WD store in Sydney that sells, installs and does custom set ups for 12V dual battery systems, especially for people using their 4WD for camping. Redarc is a global brand with more than 40 years of experience with vehicle electrical products including voltage converters, inverters, power supplies, chargers, brake controllers and more. 

We can provide pricing to supply and install any Redarc product to your vehicle.

Enerdrive shop in Narellan

Enerdrive is one of Australia’s most popular brand when it comes to 12V electrical products for 4WD owners. We sell Enerdrive’s range in our store that includes battery chargers, solar panels, lithium batteries, DC to DC chargers and all the other require components to fit out your 4WD and give it dual battery capabilities. 

They even have kits that are designed to be installed on specific makes and models to make use of space behind the seats, in a drawer or in a canopy.

Our 4WD shop can provide pricing to supply and install any Enerdrive product for your vehicle and set up a system suitable for your 4WD’ing needs.

Buy a Rapid Power alternator

Our 4WD shop can provide pricing to supply (and install) any Rapid Power alternator onto your vehicle for your 4WD’ing needs. Their range of billet alternators include water & dust proof models that are designed and manufactured in Australia for specialised vehicle applications. 

We sell the Rapid Power alternator range that includes sealed liquid cooled alternators or high output alternators for utility vehicles.

Axis 12V reversing camera & mirrors

If you want to make your life easier when you are trying to reverse your 4WD then the Axis range of reversing cameras & mirrors will change everything. We can supply any product from their range, install it on your 4WD and make sure it is set up to work perfectly for you. 

They also have a range of dash cameras to give you complete peace of mind while driving on outback roads or highways while you are on a 4WD trip. Reliable, feature rich and suitable for any vehicle in Australia.

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The staff at Adrenalin Off-Road will also provide advice on the right camping or recovery equipment that may be suitable for the types of locations you are thinking about driving to. We don’t just sell and install a bull bar with a wave good bye, our team will make sure you have everything you need to be safe, able to recover your vehicle and return home safely.

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