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Simpson Desert and Hay River 4WD Tour summary


An awesome 4WD tag along tour into the Simpson Desert in 2022

For keen followers of our social media accounts you would have seen a flood of photos from this year’s Simpson Desert 4WD tag along tour. We left Sydney and ventured into the centre of Australia during May & June to run our latest tours. 

The Simpson Desert is one of the most popular tour requests that we receive as so many people want to experience the remote outback that makes Australia so unique. Hay River is also a beautiful location to take your 4WD. We love these locations to do tag along tours, they are so peaceful and you really get to see things that you would have never experienced before from living in the city. 

As well as seeing the desert we also drive through the beautiful Flinders Rangers, see gorges full of wildlife and fresh clear water, dry lakes that you can drive for kms and kms over as well as doing some gem hunting… there is just so much to see and do even though there aren’t big cities or lots of people.

We also stop off at iconic locations like ;

  • the Oodnadatta Track
  • Birdsville Pub
  • Mount Dare Hotel
  • Hay River track
  • The beautiful Ruby Gap
  • Big Red 
and so much more that I’ll run out of space typing a list here. It is simply an awesome tag along tour that we love doing each year with like minded 4WD enthusiasts.

Can anyone drive 'Big Red'?

This year Tamara and her mum, Sharon, came on their second Simpson Desert 4WD tag along adventure with us. 

Last year Tamara showed us how it was done, driving up Big Red on her first go.

This year Sharon decided to give Big Red a go and also made it up first go as well, we couldn’t believe it!

So a big shout out and a big “Well done ladies!” because what it proves is that with the right preparation and driving experience that anyone can take on tough 4WD driving conditions while doing one of our tours. 

We make sure everyone is kept safe and love to see the joy it brings people, which is why we love doing our tours so much.

See some of the photos from this tour

Thinking about doing a
Simpson Desert 4WD tag along tour?

Head over to our Tag Along Tour page and you will see lots of great options available for short tours in NSW or others that head to places like Cape York, The Simpson Desert and other great 4WD holiday locations. 

The best part about our tag along tours is everything is supported by our 4WD shop in Sydney that has a retail showroom and a workshop. It means everything can be set up for your vehicle before you go on a tour. 

We can check to ensure you vehicle is safe to travel with, make sure it has the right equipment suitable for the tour location and make any adjustments needed. 

Then when you are on the tour with us if you are not sure about anything we can help you. It is like having your own personal 4WD assistants on hand every step of the way. 

For experienced 4WD owners you just do your thing and have a ball with the rest of us.