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We can convert your Dodge RAM dual cab ute into a 4WD camping adventure rig with bull bar, lights, canopy and more.

Dodge RAM 2500 4WD camping accessory installer in Sydney


We have to be honest, we have some awesome people in our community. Josh and his family bought a Dodge RAM 2500 not too long ago with the intention of using it to go 4WD’ing. He has already fitted the rear canopy, roof mounting system, spare rear wheel carrier and snorkel. 

After returning from our recent Cape York 4WD tag along tour he decided to make a few more upgrades to the vehicle. 

His first choice was to get a new bull bar installed to replace the factory fitted OEM unit. He wanted to make sure he could have better frontal protection, the ability to mount LED light bars later on and also carry a winch for recovery situations. ECB have specific bars to suit each model of vehicle so that all the existing systems and lighting work without effecting engine ventilation either.

The other items he chose to install was an onboard air compressor (which is a great way to inflate or deflate tyres, especially if you head out onto the sand dunes) and a breather kit for the differential. These will compliment the snorkel really well and enable him to do water crossings, drive on the beach, sand dunes or muddy mountain trails.

The only thing missing at the moment is some LED light bars.

ECB bullbar installer in Sydney for Dodge Ram


The ECB Alloy Winch Bullbar with Bumper Lights has been designed specifically to suit the Ram 2500 DJ Series. This makes it a straight replacement to provide better frontal protection and enhance the tough look of the RAM (not that it needed it right?)

We love installing the ECB range of bullbars because they are a bumper replacement designed to wrap around the front of the vehicle to maintain visibiity and air flow.

The features include;

  • 100% ADR compliance
  • Fully air bag compatible
  • It has a steel mounting system for durability
  • Air Bag Compatible
  • Steel Mounting System
  • A 6mm thick hi-tensile alloy one piece channel section with fully welded construction
  • 76mm x 4.75mm centre tube
  • 63mm x 4.2mm shoulder tubes
  • Gusseted shoulder tubes
  • Braced lower protection skirt
  • LED indicator/park lights
  • LED bumper lights

It is an awesome design that is engineered to  accommodate (up to) a 16,000 lbs low mount winch. 

Best of all, it is a bullbar that is manufactured in Australia with a lifetime warranty.

Harrop differential & transmission breather kit installation


For true 4WD enthusiasts you are always thinking about how you can protect the primary functionality of your vehicle. Apart from the engine, your differential and transmission are your other primary concerns.

Designed and engineered in Australia the Harrop Differential & Transmission Breather Kit replaces the factory breathers on your vehicle. The purpose is to keep breathing clean air even in the harshest environments.

It is a 4 port, fully sealed system that breathes back into the induction system to prevent water, mud and other contaminants from getting into your differentials, gearbox and transfer cases.

It features;

  • Billet aluminium manifold breather block
  • Left or right mounting capability
  • 4 line input
  • a fully sealed system
  • No filters
  • Designed to be fitted to most 4×4 models as universal fitment.
Watch the video below from Harrop to learn more about this accessory.

Onboard air compressor installation in Sydney


If you want to drive on sand dunes, the beach or other locations where there are soft surfaces, you will know you need to deflate your road going tyre pressures to maximise your contact page on these soft areas.

Letting air out of the tyres is easy, but when its time to get back onto hard driving surfaces you need an air compressor to get your pressures up.

Most people will carry a battery powered compressor, 12V portable air pump or maybe even a petrol powered air compressor to achieve that.

Another option though is to mount the air compressor on the vehicle so that it is ready to use anytime, anywhere. So even if you just want to touch up your pressures and don’t want to go to a servo.

We installed a TJM Pro Series Twin to this Dodge RAM which provides 170 litres-per-minute flow rate for fast inflation speeds. 

The seamless anodised exterior of cast and extruded aluminium provides protection for its internals, hard-anodised cylinder bore and Teflon-impregnated piston seal. 

It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, while it includes multiple tyre inflation points, auxiliary ports and a Pressure Cut-Out switch.

Get 4WD accessories installed
on your RAM in Sydney


So we know we will see Josh and his family for more of our 4WD tag along tours. Bit by bit he has learned from experience the accessories he has needed on this vehicle to cater to the needs and locations of where they want to drive to.

It doesn’t matter what you need them for, our team can install any type of 4WD accessory on a Dodge RAM or other brand of vehicle in our workshop in Sydney. 

We’d be happy to answer any questions about getting accessories fitted to your Isuzu MUX, we are available via eMail, phone or in our store in Narellan to provide advice, a quotation or bookings for an installation.

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