Ford Ranger 4WD snorkel, fridge slide and brake controller install

A huge list of 4WD accessories fitted to this Ford Ranger that was getting prepared to do a lap of Australia. See what we installed

Ford Ranger 4WD camping accessory
installer in Sydney

Shaun visited our 4WD store in Sydney to begin the process of preparing his Ford Ranger 4×4 vehicle ready to do a lap of Australia with his wife and children. They want to be able to take their vehicle to remote locations around Australia and be fully self sustainable to camp, eat, sleep, drink and enjoy themselves nearly anywhere they like.

We helped him plan all the necessary aftermarket upgrades for his 4WD that needed to be installed and these included;

  • A new Safari snorkel
  • Dual Battery system set up with Redarc DC-DC charger
  • New USB and Cigarette port outlets
  • New MSA Fridge slide installed
  • New MSA extendable towing mirrors
  • A Uniden UHF radio with guard mount bracket
  • Anderson Plug and SBI12 Isolator
  • Redarc Tow-Pro Brake Controller
These items compliment the rear canopy, side sills, LED light bar, roof mounting system and rear cargo storage that he already had installed on this vehicle. 

Safari snorkel installer for Ford Ranger in Sydney


Shaun wanted the ability to do water crossings with his Ford Ranger, so we recommended he gets a Safari 4 x 4 snorkel installed on his vehicle. Safari make a wide range of products to suit the Ford Ranger model range that we can supply and install in our workshop in Narellan.

The snorkel will keep the engine breathing while the vehicle is submerged. We cut a hole in the side of the guard, apply protection layers to prevent rust and then fit the snorkel to the pillar.

MSA fridge slide installation in Sydney


Shaun had already installed drawers in the rear cargo area. With the new dual battery system installed he also wanted to add a fridge. We installed an MSA fridge slide that mounts onto the existing drawers. 

Their system makes it really simple to secure a fridge, but also make it easy to access whenever you need it. 

Just unlock it and pull it out, nice and easy. So much better than trying to drag a fridge out or trying to reach into it while it is deep in the cargo area. It also means it remains horizontal all the time so that things don’t topple or spill inside.

We can supply and install all types of drawer storage systems.

Rear USB and cigarette lighter output installation


The more USB ports the better we say. Once you fit a dual battery system to your 4WD you want to make it easy to plug things in to charge them. So many aftermarket 4WD products these days are battery powered from LED portable lights, to speakers and other devices.

Having power outlets at the rear of the vehicle makes it easy to plug things in while getting things out of the boot or stopping to have something to eat.

Redarc Tow-Pro brake controller installation


Hands up if you have seen dash cam videos of caravans or boats getting out of shape on the highway?

When people visit our 4WD store and mention they will be towing a boat or a caravan, we always highly recommend getting a brake controller installed as well.

When you’re driving on an open road with a trailer towed behind, you no longer have to control one vehicle when braking but there is also the weight and force of the additional vehicle behind you. 

You have to have an effective electric brake controller system when you need to come to a sudden halt. The Redarc Tow-Pro range delivers safe and effective trailer brake control systems, designed to help you feel more secure on the road.

There are different models that we sell and install that are designed to suit most common trailer braking applications. They don’t need a lot of space on the dash and you can adjust the required force your towed vehicle requires with the turn of a control knob when ever needed.

Uniden UFH radio installer for Ford Ranger in Sydney


When you get far away from most towns in Australia you will quickly discover there is little to no mobile reception. You could buy a satellite phone but they are quite expensive to own and operate.

An alternative is to install a UHF radio from brands like Uniden so that you have other methods of communication available when your smartphone is of no use.

The other benefit of getting a UHF radio installed in your 4WD is that you can use it to communicate to other vehicles either truckies, emergency vehicles or other road users. You can get warnings about road obstacles or other hazzards during your trip.

Get 4WD accessories installed
on your Ford Ranger in Sydney


As you can see Shaun is slowly upgrading his Ford Ranger with the necessary equipment to enjoy 4WD holidays with his wife and kids. He has bought and installed most of the essentials so that he can tow a boat or caravan to go away. Next step would be a bull bar for better frontal protection, adding lights and even recovery gear.  

It doesn’t matter what you need our team can install any type of 4WD accessory on a Ford Ranger or other brand of vehicle in our workshop in Sydney. 

We’d be happy to answer any questions about getting accessories fitted to your Ranger, we are available via eMail, phone or in our store in Narellan to provide advice, a quotation or bookings for an installation.

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