Ford Ranger PX3 Piak Front Bar and Safari Snorkel

We fitted a Piak front bar, Safari Snorkel, Redarc Towpro and caravan wiring to this customer's Ford Ranger PX3
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Piak front bull bar installation

Our 4WD workshop can install any product from the PIAK range onto a Ford Ranger including bull bars, underbody protection, side steps, side rails, recovery gear, tow bars or rear step bars. The owner of this Ford Ranger 4WD decided to replace their factory bumper bar with an aftermarket PIAK front bull bar.

They chose to fit the Elite Post Bar e model chosen includes winch capabilities as well as integrated recovery points. It is also suitable for the tech pack, sensors and radar. 

It is made from high strength low corrosion steel and they finish them off with a hard wearing matte black powder coat that blends well with the existing grille and headlight surrounds. It can include halogen fog lights and indicators and has a multi-fold wing design that is tapered for strength and to deliver an optimal approach angle too.

This model is also winch compatible and has the necessary mountings that make it easy to upgrade later on if required. The design is also great for airflow with the split frontal area providing plenty of space for fresh air to get through making it a popular aftermarket accessory for Ranger owners.

It comes with a 2 year warranty from PIAK and is a great base to then add a light bar, and driving lights while accommodating the factory parking sensors too as well as being airbag compatible.  

The great thing about this aftermarket front bull bar is that it is designed to be a straight replacement so it means there is no cutting of the Ford Ranger PX3 required. The old one is removed and the new PIAK unit then gets installed in its place for better 4×4 frontal protection.

Safari 4x4 snorkel installer in Sydney

Dave fitting a Safari 4x4 snorkel onto a Ford 4WD

Dave was busy on this Ford Ranger PX3 because once he finished installing the new front bull bar, he had to get to work installing a brand new Safari 4×4 snorkel to this Ford Ranger.

Not too many 4WD accessory installers in Sydney will think too much about installing a snorkel, but from experience we take a few extra steps to protect the paintwork and also ensure the seal between the body and the snorkel will reduce the chance of dust, dirt or moisture build up on either side of the mounting plate. This will make sure it not only stays tight, but doesn’t cause rust to form.

Getting a snorkel installed at the same time as a bull bar, tow bar and side steps is a pretty standard selection of 4×4 accessories to get installed for a new or used vehicle. It helps to improve the vehicle’s off road capabilities while improving safety.

REDARC brake controller installation

Ford Ranger PX3 Piak Front Bar and Safari Snorkel installed by Adrenalin Offroad Centre

The last accessory that had to be installed on the Ford Ranger PX3 was a REDARC brake controller because the owner was planning to tow a caravan and maybe even a boat at some stage. So this was matched with a 12 pin connector and Anderson Plugs to suit. 

REDARC sells a range of electric brake controllers that are used to improve safety when towing by delivering smoother trailer braking responses. They can work with 12V or 24V vehicle systems and are ideal for towing the weight up to 2.5 tonnes behind you with a controlled braking system. They have a wide range of systems to suit different uses such as the; REDARC Tow Pro range, User-Controlled systems, and Break-Safe Break-Away systems, as well as, Tow-Pro Wiring Kits and Switch Inserts.

We can supply, install and set up any product available from REDARC.

Getting 4WD accessories installed on a Ford Ranger PX3

Piak front bar installer in Sydney

This combination of 4WD accessories is a pretty common set of products that our workshop in Sydney can install on a Ford Ranger PX3. It is the starting point to give the Ranger the capability to protect itself from hitting a tree or animal, an optional winch later on and the ability to take on water crossings.

We’d be happy to answer any questions about getting accessories fitted to your Ford Ranger, we are available via eMail, phone or in our store in Narellan to provide advice, a quotation or bookings for an installation.

4WD diesel ECU tuning in Sydney to improve performance

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