Nissan Navara EGR Canopy & Rhino Rack installation

Creating more space to carry loads for a ute is simple, we can install an EGR Canopy together with a Rhino Rack platform on a Nissan or other brands.

Canopy or roof rack installations for 4WD's


The owner of this 2021 Nissan Navara dual cab ute was using it for his business to visit client sites during the week, carry tools or other equipment. On the weekends it became the family vehicle to take the kids to sports, do the shopping and other general duties.

Although like many dual cab 4WD owners, the exposed nature of the rear tray slowly becomes problematic and believe it or not, the storage space is pretty limited. That’s why companies like EGR Auto have developed a range of aftermarket canopy products like the GEN3 that can be installed to the existing tray to create a closed storage area over the ute tray.

These canopies are cleverly designed to also give you the option to add a roof rack system to increase the storage capacity beyond what can be held in the tray. They are also considered safer alternatives to a soft cover or the plastic lids fitted as standard. Our 4WD accessory store in Sydney can supply and install any combination of product to suit your vehicle.

EGR GEN3 canopy installed on a Nissan Navara


The EGR GEN3 Canopy is considered to be the most advanced ute canopy for sale in Australia. All the windows are frame-less, clean and don’t require any external handles. So your 4WD ute looks clean, stylish and like it came from the factory that way.

The side lift windows can also include remote locking, linking to your vehicles central locking system for complete convienience.

What we love about this canopy is there are no handles, the push button release then lets you open it with one finger. 

Everything has been designed to be clever and well integrated with;

  • Carpet lining.
  • Fast clamp style fitment
  • Vehicle-specific plug and play wiring harness so that nothing needs to be cut.
  • Roof rack surface tracks on the roof so you can add your choice of crossbars
  • Two window options of lift & pop

It is a canopy for sale that is designed manufactured in Australia that the AORC team can install in our workshop for you.

The strong, thick and ultra-premium UV-stable ABS has an excellent smooth surface with your choice of OEM standard paint finishes from the major brands like Nissan, Ford, Toyota etc.

It is safe and reliable so that when your vehicle is locked – your canopy is too. The sleek LED lighting will give you plenty of visibility and feel like it came from the factory. 

The EGR canopy has a weight capacity of up to 150kg so create even more options to carry a load on the outside of the vehicle.

Rhino Rack installed with an EGR canopy
on a Nissan Navara


Once we finished the canopy installation we then got to work on getting the Rhino track mounted platform installed onto the canopy.

It creates the option of carrying a load on top of the vehicle or mounting other items to the platform.

It can be installed on the canopy without needing to cut holes or modify anything which makes it a good choice if you want to increase the carrying capacity of your ute.

This combination of 4WD accessory installation we often see getting done by tradies who own a Nissan Navara or families that use their daily vehicle to go on holidays, tow a boat or a caravan.

Get 4WD accessories installed on a Nissan Navara


Our team can install any type of 4WD accessory on a Nissan Navara in our workshop in Sydney. We can convert a daily driven ute into a 4WD adventure vehicle with 12V dual battery set up, camping equipment, lift kit, GVM upgrade and more. 

The cost to get a canopy installed will depend on the brand you choose, the model & if any other accessories are getting installed at the same time (like a roof rack system)

We’d be happy to answer any questions about getting accessories fitted to your Nissan Navara, we are available via eMail, phone or in our store in Narellan to provide advice, a quotation or bookings for an installation.

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