Nissan Navara Meredith Metalworks snorkel install

We custom fitted a brand new Meredith Metalworks snorkel and air box to a Nissan Navara to get it ready for some new 4WD adventures

New 4x4 snorkel custom installation

The owner of this Nissan Navara 2015 NP300 wanted to get a 4WD snorkel installed so they could take their vehicle through water crossings when they went on 4×4 trips. Getting a snorkel installed on a 4WD is one of the most common custom installations we do at Adrenalin Offroad Centre in Sydney. They are normally installed together with a new bull bar and roof rack to form the most essential 4WD accessory installations that owners of new or used vehicles do.

If you are already thinking about getting a snorkel installed, then it is also important to consider the shape of the frontal area of your vehicle if you want to do lots of water crossings. We can also fit bull bars from Piak (or other other brands) that are designed to help create a bow wave, especially for deeper crossings. This can help keep water out of the engine bay as well.

A snorkel is designed to help increase airflow to the engine. If they are forward facing you can get a bit of a ‘ram air effect’ where the forward motion of the vehicle is pushing air into the engine. Although most 4WD owners use them to help keep the engine breathing when you drive through a water crossing, the standard air box may get submerged, so the higher placement of the intake prevents this from happening.

4X4 manufacturers do not include an opening in the body panels to add a snorkel so this means any installation will mean cutting the required hole in the metal to fit the piping to complete the install. We take a lot of care to ensure the hole is sealed & protected from dirt, dust or debris to reduce the chances of corrosion or rust occuring.

Meredith Metalworks snorkel for a Nissan Navara


Meredith Metalworks have designed their snorkel kit so that it can fit a standard airbox. They have a wide range of models and specification of product to suit to suit different vehicles. For this model it can suit Nissan Navara 4WD’s including;

  • Navara D23/NP300 Series 1, 2, 3 (2014–2019) Auto/Manual All Cab Shapes/Sizes (DX, RX, ST, ST N-Sport, ST-X, ST-X N-Sport Black Edition, Silverline, ST Black Edition, SL)
  • Navara D23/NP300 Series 4 (2019 – 2020) Auto/Manual. All Cab Shapes/Sizes (DX, N-Trek, N-Treck Warrior, RX, SL, ST, ST-X)
  • Navara D23/NP300 Series 5 (2021) Auto/Manual. All Cab Shapes/Sizes

The cost to buy the snorkel;

  • on its own is around $1,200 inc gst depending on the specification you choose.
  • the air box cost around $800 inc gst.
  • Installation can normally take between 4 and 6 hours depending on the vehicle, so roughly $750 inc gst. 

So the total cost to get a Meredith Metalworks snorkel and air box kit installed as an upgrade is between $2,500 and $2,800 inc gst.


A lot of snorkels are promoted as a DIY kit, but if you don’t have experience fitting these types of 4WD accessories or cutting metal then we suggest going to an installer to get it done professionally. We’ve had to repair snorkels that weren’t installed correctly that either came loose or rust began to form around the connection between the engine bay and outer panel.

For this kit it contained;

  • A 4″ stainless steel snorkel.
  • Laser cut stainless end cap.
  • The mounting and fitting hardware.
  • Guard template to help cut the right hole.
What a lot of people don’t consider is you have to buy the kit, but then also have all the right tools to fit it like tin snips or a hole saw for metal. Getting a local installer in Sydney to do it for you can save the hassle and expense.

Meredith Metalworks air box installation


The second product we installed on this Navara was a Meredith Metalworks airbox. This replaces the factory airbox and connects directly to the snorkel. It is laser cut and bent made out of aluminium with a cool looking perspex lid in a CNC MAF housing. It also has a high flow High-flow 3A Racing Pod Air Filter which is washable and reusable.

This filter uses high flow cotton which helps the engine breath better to give you improved power and torque. This product was the outright winner of the “Ultimate Air Filter Shoot Out’ conducted by Autosalon Magazine with a huge 601.2 CFM result.

Replacing an old snorkel

If you already have a snorkel fitted to your vehicle but want to replace it with a different brand or upgrade it to a larger unit we can help you do this. You can bring your vehicle to our workshop where our crew can remove the existing unit and install the replacement product for you.

Get 4WD accessories installed on a Nissan Navara


Our team can install basically any type of 4WD accessory on a Nissan Navara in our workshop in Sydney. For this vehicle, the owner had already bought the products and wasn’t confident installing it, so they went to our team to do it. However, he was pretty keen to do some 4WD’ing where he would feel comfortable doing a water crossing and give the engine a bit more performance with better breathing.

We can supply & fit any product or just do an installation for you. For this installation it included cutting the body panel, removing the factory airbox then installing everything so that it was fitted perfectly & ready to use. All up it took around 5 hours to complete.

We’d be happy to answer any questions about getting accessories fitted to your Nissan Navara, we are available via eMail, phone or in our store in Narellan to provide advice, a quotation or bookings for an installation.

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