Toyota Hilux new Trojan tray and canopy 4WD fit out

A brand new fit out with a Trojan tray and canopy for this Toyota Hilux including 12V system, fridge, water tank and more

Custom tray & canopy fit out for a Toyota Hilux

Most factory fitted trays on a 4WD vehicle are pretty standard and don’t have too many features or capabilities to expand their use. Trojan make a range of trays that can help you convert your vehicle to be used for camping or even general tradie use, we installed a 1600mm version on this Hilux. 

They have different models that can include;

  • A full-length trundle drawer
  • Aluminium tapered side toolboxes
  • Dropdown removable side panels with over latches
  • Removable rear ladder with fitting kit
  • Checker plate base
  • Spring loaded anchor points
  • Tie-down rails
  • LED Tail lights
  • Aluminium folded wheel arches

each one is powder coated to be tough and durable. A Trojan tray can then be complimented with one of their 4WD canopy systems that are available from 800mm to 1800mm long that includes;


  • Heavy-duty gas struts

  • Marine-grade 5052 aluminium

  • Reinforced bases

  • Pinch seam rubber seals

  • Marine-grade stainless steel piano hinges

  • Lightweight designs

  • Cast alloy whale tail compression locks for watertight and dustproof seals

  • Rooftop compatible reinforced roof

  • Powder-coated inside and out

  • Lift-off jack legs

  • A 10 year structural warranty

getting these two products installed together means you can then choose what type of fit out the rest of the build will have so that it fits into your intended usage scenarios. 

Trojan 4x4 canopy installation

Sydney-Trojan-Canopy-store Toyota-Hilux-4WD-getting-accessories-fitted-by-Adrenalin-Off-Road​-centre-in-Narellan

As we mentioned, for this build Eric wanted to use his 4×4 to go camping so he chose one of Trojan’s canopy systems that included plenty of storage as well as the ability to have a roof mounted tent added, 12V dual battery system, fridge and pull out draws.

The canopy lets you configure the internals in different ways, but also mount things externally like a ladder or spare wheel holder as well.

Roof top tent installation


The design of the canopy system from Trojan is so strong that it can accomodate a roof mounted tent. The flip up system means the tent can be set up when you camp for the night & the raised position also improves safety from animals or even flooding.

The other benefit of being high up is the awesome views you’ll get if you are parked up by a beach, river or mountain range.

12V battery set up for off grid camping


By adding camping capabilities to Eric’s Toyota Hilux, consideration had to be given to off grid power supply. He could have chosen to buy a generator and store that in the canopy ready for use. Although he opted to get a 12V dual battery system set up. This can power everything from the fridge to a TV or even charge a mobile phone or laptop.

The system also included the installation of a REDARC inverter so that 240V appliances can be used. 

UFH radio installation


A lot of 4WD owners will choose to get the main accessories installed like a bull bar, canopy or tent system, but the other aspect to consider is safety.

We can install communication equipment like a UFH radio system, mobile phone high gain antenna or other equipment to ensure you can always get a signal to the outside world.

Camping fridge installation


12V fridges have come a long way in recent years. They can be powered from the vehicle while you are driving and then switched over to 12V power for off grid capabilities. 

It means you can carry fresh food and drinks with you when you go camping.

Completing a fit out with essential camping gear


Apart from all the main items installed on this vehicle there are some other essentials that complete the fit out and improve the capabilities when 4WD’ing. They included;

  • Water tanks for fresh water.
  • Ladder to climb up to the roof top tent.
  • Jerry can holder to carry spare fuel.
  • Spare wheel holder in case there is a flat tyre.
  • Tow bar.
  • Front bull bar.
  • Snorkel for water crossings.

Get 4WD accessories installed on a Toyota Hilux


This is a great example of a camping fit out installation for a Toyota Hilux where all the major items are fitted to create a completely off grid solution. It means you can drive it around town everyday, but then take it 4WD’ing when the mood hits you.

The combination of upgraded tray, canopy and other accessories means you can do water crossings, drive on sand dunes or in forests with the ability to stop, eat, cook and sleep nearly anywhere. 

We’d be happy to answer any questions about getting accessories fitted to your Toyota Hilux, we are available via eMail, phone or in our store in Narellan to provide advice, a quotation or bookings for an installation.

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