Toyota Landcruiser 100 series Emu Wings installed

We installed a brand new set of Emu Wings into this Toyota Landcruiser 100 series to make the rear cargo area more accessible while camping.

Gullwing window installation in Sydney for a Toyota Landcruiser


Most 4×4 vehicles in Australia are the traditional body shape like the Toyota Landcruiser 100 series that has four doors and huge boot. Emu Wing is a company that has been making 4WD accessories since 2007 in Australia. 

Like our team, they love getting outdoors with their 4WD to go camping and lived out of their Toyota Landcruiser for weeks at a time. During their travelling and camping they found that it was difficult to get access to the rear cargo area. Every time they had to try and reach things from the rear door or from the back seats, there wasn’t a simple way to get to things from the side windows.

So they designed they range of Gullwing windows for avid campers living out of our vehicle to make the cargo area of the vehicle so much more useable and accessible. This also solves the problem of getting past a wheel carrier or other jerry cans etc. 

Emu Wing specifically designed a Gullwing Window that is suitable for the Landcruiser 100 / 105 series 4WD vehicle. It replaces the factory fitted windows to provide immediate and easy access to the rear cargo area. We can supply and fit Gullwing Windows in our workshop in Sydney.

What can Gullwing Windows
be used for on a 4WD?

Ok so your first thought might be ‘great I can grab something from the boot through the side window’ – although Gullwing window installations can create a whole heap of different use case situations for 4X4 owners that want to modify their vehicle for camping or working.

As you can see in the photos above the Gullwing window installations that are shown have been used for;

  • Side access to an external hot water system, shower and screen. Once the window is opened everything can be quickly pulled out for use. You can have a shower by the side of your vehicle and other people can still access the other side or the rear boot area very easily.

  • Quick access to all the 12V electrical system components. For campers or even tradies getting access to your power source is pretty important. Your switchboard, plugs and metres can all be mounted for fast access on the side of your vehicle.

  • Food storage access is obviously a huge priority when you are camping, you can create a mini pantry on the side area of the vehicle that has quick access via a Gullwing window for the fast access to items you eat all the time.

A Gullwing window is one of the most popular aftermarket window replacement products that we sell and install from our 4WD store in Sydney. It is a great rear access solution for any Toyota Land Cruiser owner and the most comprehensive access solution available. 

As all Land Cruiser owners know, it has a large window suitable for many applications and the only thing preventing this from being more useful is their ability to pop open. No more swinging away the spare tyres, jerry can holders and then battling your way in through the back door. Installing a Gullwing window means you can reach things easily and with little effort. This type of rear window replacement is dust and waterproof so the interior of the vehicle remains clean and dry. It is easy to open with gas strut assisted arms that are lockable and secure. 

How much does a Gullwing Window cost?

The cost to buy a Gullwing Window depends on a few different things but it will be between $799 and $1,899 inc gst.

You can choose to buy a single window for either the left or right of the vehicle or you can buy a matching pair. You then have the choice of two types of material as well; 



  • Solid – Powder coated satin black.
  • Glass – AS2 Approved Auto Safety Glass that is shaped to fit the Land Cruiser. The safety glass has been tested to meet Australian and international requirements, AS2.


So for example a pair of glass Gullwing Windows for a Toyota Landcruiser will cost $1899 inc gst which includes the full kit to do an installation on both sides of your vehicle. The only additional cost to consider is the labour for installation and whether you require tinting on the glass to match the rest of the vehicle or conceal what is behind the window. 


We can provide a quote to supply and fit a Gullwing window to your 4WD as well as any other accessories or fit out you need in the rear cargo area. The whole lot can be done together to minimise labour costs.

Get aftermarket 4WD accessories installed
on Landcruiser in Sydney


This Landcruiser has lots of other great aftermarket products that have been installed and the Gullwing Window is a popular product for owners to buy and fit. Our team can install any type of 4WD accessory on a Toyota Landcruiser or other brand of vehicle in our workshop in Sydney. This includes 12V dual battery set ups, roof mounted tent systems, bull bars, tow bars and more.

We’d be happy to answer any questions about getting accessories fitted to your Toyota Landcruiser, we are available via eMail, phone or in our store in Narellan to provide advice, a quotation or bookings for an installation.

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